Seasons Change

Spring in Eagle River Valley in Southcentral Alaska

The Coronavirus pandemic, and the need to arrest its spread and carnage, has upended our “normal” lives.  Social distancing limits how or whether we gather as friends and family, go to school, work, worship, purchase goods and services, and recreate among many other activities that collectively define us as a society. 

As a freelance nature photographer, surviving in this highly competitive field involves diversifying my income sources from print sales, craft fairs and other venues, stock photography, workshops, in-home tutoring, and assignment work.  Understandably anything that involves person-to-person contact is no longer a viable option.  So with regards to teaching, my business model is changing to convert some of what I teach in-person to readily accessible on-line content and live interactions.

Under Workshops on my website (below Classroom and Field Workshops) you will find a list of webinars that I now offer.   All three are Zoom recordings of past webinars, two of which are free downloadable videos.  The third is offered for a modest price.  More content will be added as time permits and customer needs evolve.  To the extent that the technology allows, personalized live Zoom instruction on Lightroom and Photoshop post-processing as well as digital asset management is available at my hourly rate.

Some workshop material requiring hands-on exercises are less suited to Zoom meetings.  My plan is that the webinars will spur your interest in more intensive instruction and dovetail with traditional classroom participation when the time comes.  As always, I remain committed to providing you with reliable and experienced photographic guidance and welcome your suggestions to improve as I explore a new way of doing business.

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