Soothing Blues

Sunset light on the Chugach Mountains at Tahneta Pass

Go gentle into thy soft night
Lay me down to rest peacefully
Keep me warm with your last light,
‘Til the promise of a new dawn shines again

Colors can be used to evoke certain feelings. They can set the tone in a movie. Or be a call to action. If you are skeptical, take a Marketing 101 class to learn how we are manipulated by colors in advertising.

Blue is a primary color. It is often associated with cold and isolation, something you may feel looking at this photo which was taken at -7ºF. That’s warm for this part of Alaska at this time of year, but cold nonetheless.

But blue is also known to be a calming color. Studies show it lowers blood pressure and can enhance productivity in the workplace. This photo of last light on the Chugach Mountains and Tahneta Pass has a soothing quality to it. It reminded me of sleep and comfort and the promise of a new day.

How does this photo make you feel? I’d love to hear. Leave me a comment.

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